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Brothers in Crime by K.M. Rockwood

Title: Brothers in Crime
Author: K.M. Rockwood 
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 
Online Ratings: 4 out of stars 



Summary from Goodreads:

The cops say surveillance video doesn't lie. But could they be mistaken? 
After nearly twenty years in prison, Jesse Damon is just trying to make it on parole. But nothing comes easy. The cops say they have a video of him breaking into an ATM. He’s in trouble at work over a toxic chemical spill. A runaway wife shows up on his doorstep, dead broke and needing somewhere to stay. And his sometimes-girlfriend Kelly seems to have met someone new. Sydney. At an AA meeting, of all places. When Jesse goes to Sydney's office and finds his dead body, he’s pretty sure the guy has been murdered. And that he will be the prime suspect.

My Opinion: 

K.M. Rockwood is back with our favourite character, Jesse Damon, and a heart-stopping, intense, electrifying conclusion to a phenomenal series. Brothers in Crime doesn't fail to disappoint and it definitely lived up to the high standards I set before reading this novel.
This novel went straight into the action with new mysterious events and situations. Brothers in Crime had to right amount of comedy and mystery making it a fast, quick page turner but an interesting read. There was never a dull point in this novel- K.M. Rockwood kept you on the edge of your seat, curious to know more. 
This captivating read reintroduced the famous character, Jesse Damon, the main protagonist, who somehow always seems to be a 'magnet' for trouble. In this novel, after a huge amount of character development, the readers finally get to see Jesse in a new light. Jesse is finally portrayed as an intelligent young man who is quick-witted. In this novel, Jesse is no longer portrayed as an introvert and has found the ability to stand up for himself and his rights, understanding his place in society. 
I felt as if Kelly's personality in this novel was quite different from the first novel. Kelly seemed to be more dependant on Jesse and sort of used him to take care of her children. Her dependency in this novel really portrayed a lack of confidence and character underdevelopment. Kelly's extrovert personality didn't mask her weaknesses in the novel, which was one aspect I didn't exceptionally like in the novel. 
The conclusion and the last few chapters of this novel was not very descriptive and ended almost abruptly. All the solutions, to the issues introduced in the novel, were 'thrown' at the reader in one stage, which was another aspect I wasn't a very big fan of. 
But an aspect I extremely enjoyed in the novel was Rockwood's ability to entwine and interconnect all the various scenarios and situations. Rockwood wrote beautifully and really helped readers experience Jesse's everyday life and emotions. 
Overall, Brothers in Crime was a fantastic conclusion to the series and I recommend for everyone who loves mystery to pick up this series, you won't regret it. Thank you so much K.M. Rockwood for allowing me to review and read your novel. 

- Erisha <4 

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