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The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles by Michele Drier

Title: The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles (Books 1-4) 
Author: Michele Drier 
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Online Ratings: 3.7 out of 5 stars


Summary from Goodreads: 

This boxed set includes Books One through Four of the Kandesky Vampire Chronicles: Book One, SNAP: The World Unfolds; Book Two, SNAP: New Talent; Book Three, Plague: A Love Story and Book Four, DANUBE: A Tale of Murder.
Follow Maxie Gwenoch as she takes the job of Managing Editor for SNAP Magazine, the world's largest and most popular gossip media covering celebrities around the globe.
First, she finds the owners of SNAP are a family of Hungarian vampires, then she discovers she's the reason for an escalating war between the Kandeskys and their archrivals, the Huszars.

My Opinion:

Book 1: 

SNAP: The World Unfolds is the first novel in a new fantasy series. This novel has everything one reader desires for. This novel has fantasy aspects for those who like fantasy and also romance for those who prefer reading romantic novel. Not the forget that this novel has quite a lot of adventure sequences which definitely appeals to both genders. One aspect that I wasn't a fan of, was that this novel had quite a lot of world building so at times there were a lot of information the reader had to process. And also the romance between Jean-Louis and Maxie seemed slightly rushed and not well throughout. They jumped to conclusions before even analysing the conflict that has occurred. Other than those tiny errors, SNAP: The World Unfolds is a promising novel in a new fantasy series and I recommend all to read this novel. 

Book 2 (Few Spoilers from Book 1): 

New Talent, the second novel of The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles, is an action packed, fantasy novel. This novel had everything a reader would like. From epic fantasy battles to romance, this novel will definitely keep the reader curious till the end. New Talent was based more around Maxie Gwenoch's strive for independence and also the Kandesky and Huszars' old rivalry. I really enjoyed how this novel really helped in the development of the world. Also this novel helped readers to understand the rivalry between Kandesky and the Huszars'. Although, the beginning of this novel was slightly slow paced, the novel redeemed itself through the middle, where there were a lot of fantasy battles. New Talent has the right amount of romance and action scene, which balanced this book nicely so readers would get to read a diverse amount of genres. I extremely enjoyed Maxie's strive for independence and development throughout this novel. The ending and the cliff hanger at the end of this novel was amazing and mind blowing. Drier has once again written a fabulous novel with a balance of different genres to keep readers interested and curious till the end. 

Book 3 (Few Spoilers from Books 1 & 2): 

Set in the 14th Century, the time of the Black Plague, Drier brings a novella based on the beginnings of the Kandesky company and family. This novel really helps develop and set the background for the other novels in this series. Drier introduces readers to a new setting, background and protagonist. Readers learn about Stefan and how became the business man and the Kandesky Company owner. Stefan's life, before his life as a vampire, was well written and definitely evoked an emotional response from me. Stefan went through so much and held a huge amount of pain in his heart. I really enjoyed learning about the history of the Kandesky Family and how it came to be. I seem to be getting more and more impressed as the Chronicles goes on. Drier has written a beautiful novel which definitely has left me eager and excited to read the next novel in the chronicles. 

Book 4 (Few Spoilers from Books 1, 2 & 3): 

And this is the novella I have been dying to read for quite sometime. This novella is based on Jean-Louis' story before he met Maxie. Learning more about one of my favourite characters in this series, was very exciting and thrilling. Danube, follows where the last novella left off. This novella explains the rivalry between the Kandesky's and Huszars' in greater detail. Readers will be thrown into a world with more adventures, battles and romance. Learning about the Kandesky business and how the three owners managed to handle all the problems and issues that arouse was amazing. Drier has definitely satisfied her audience through this novel. I recommend fantasy and romance readers to immediately read this series, if they haven't already. Thank you Michele Drier for sending me this book set to read and review, I extremely appreciate it. 

- Erisha <4 

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  1. Thank you so much for the review, Erisha and I'm so glad you enjoyed these first four books of The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles!

    Writing (and living with) Maxie, Jean-Louis and the others is a treat!
    There are another four books (so far) published in the Chronicles.
    Now, back to writing book nine, SNAP: I, Vampire!