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Hi, my name is Erisha and I am a blogger, reviewer and most importantly a BOOK LOVER! I am Australian and love anything to do with Books. In my spare time, I usually occupy myself by reading, blogging or posting fandom pictures on my Instagram ;) I started Bookaholic Reads as a way to post reviews of books and also help recommend books to others. All reviews are my honest opinion and there are never any biased reviews on this blog. My reviews contain of two sections, a NO SPOILERS' section and a SPOILERS' section. This allows me to connect with other readers so we can all discuss a certain book. My blog has helped me discover new books and different authors. I have learnt to read and enjoy many genres!

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  1. The book is reviewed in great detail and with enthusiasm. I love the language and style of your writing. Surely you are unbiased critic of the books you read. Carry on.