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Weightless by Sarah Bannan

Title: Weightless
Author: Sarah Bannan
My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars 
Online Ratings: 3.9 out of 5 Stars



Summary from Goodreads:

When 15-year-old Carolyn moves from New Jersey to Alabama with her mother, she rattles the status quo of the junior class at Adams High School. A good student and natural athlete, she’s immediately welcomed by the school’s cliques. She’s even nominated to the homecoming court and begins dating a senior, Shane, whose on again/off again girlfriend Brooke becomes Carolyn’s bitter romantic rival. When a video of Carolyn and Shane making out is sent to everyone, Carolyn goes from golden girl to slut, as Brooke and her best friend Gemma try to restore their popularity. Gossip and bullying hound Carolyn, who becomes increasingly private and isolated. When Shane and Brooke—now back together—confront Carolyn in the student parking lot, injuring her, it’s the last attack she can take.
Sarah Bannan's deft use of the first person plural gives Weightless an emotional intensity and remarkable power that will send you flying through the pages and leave you reeling.

My Opinion:

Bullying is a concept that many individuals take really lightly. But no one is really aware of the outcomes that comes with bullying, except for the victims. 
Weightless by Sarah Bannan is an eye opening novel that makes many realise how serious bullying and discriminating can be. 
This novel was a tough read as it was quite confronting. I would always question whether to turn to the next page or not as I knew there would be more confronting issues to read about. 
The start of the novel was quite slow paced as majority of the first few chapters involved the set up of the town, Adamsville. The setup was quite interesting and detailed but it was quite time consuming. 
The characters introduced in this novel were very multidimensional and helped bring out the strong themes in this novel. The flaws of each character conveyed how no one is perfect and there is no true definition of normal. Different morals and values were tested by this novel, and the idea is explored that things are really not what they appear to be. 
After a slow paced beginning, the real tension and curiosity was built due to the behaviour and attitudes of 21st Century being put into the 'light'. Bannan really opened my eyes and conveyed how female teenagers can be so consumed in the concepts of popularity and outer beauty. 
I  commend Bannan for taking a risk with using first person plural writing technique. Although I am not a big fan of this writing style, Bannan did justice to it. She wrote beautifully and elegantly, capturing and captivating the audience, whilst reading this novel. 
Bannan left readers to think, twice, before they speak or act. She touched on a very difficult topic to read about and placed the truth in front of the readers- making them aware of the issues present in our modern day society. 
I recommend for people above the age of 14 to read this novel as some of the themes portrayed and highlighted in this novel can be quite confronting and disturbing. This novel portrays how society can be so self obsessed, egotistical and display a vain and ostentatious behaviour, that their actions are influenced by their own prejudices and others opinions. 
Thank you Bloomsbury for sending me Weightless to read and review- it truly was an opportunity to learn from others mistakes and see the world from a different perception. 

- Erisha <4 

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