Saturday, 14 February 2015

Infinite Limits by Megan Duke

Title: Infinite Limits
Author: Megan Duke
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Online Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars


Summary from Goodreads:

You've heard their stories. You've felt their pain. Now, in this thought-provoking conclusion to Small Circles, the characters we've come to love are faced with an abundance of difficult choices. It's time for each of them to choose a path, but who's to say which is the right one? Between a wedding, a pregnancy, a disappearance, and a disturbing dream turned reality, there are an infinite number of ways this story could end. But there is a limit to every infinity, and everyone has a breaking point.

My Opinion: 

Megan Duke has done it again. She has managed to break my heart and place all of the fallen parts back together during the span of one novel. There is no other way to describe or explain this novel other than, 'a fantastic conclusion to one of the most inspirational series I have ever read'. 
This novel's character development was absolutely outstanding. Each character underwent a transformation which helped them to become a better human being. The first character who really transformed and developed would have to be Paxton. Paxton was portrayed as a lost, immature boy but by the end of Infinite Limits, Paxton finally found middle ground and was able to cope with life. Larson was another character who truly developed throughout this novel. His trust and faith in others was quite weak due to the loss of his love, Owen. But overtime, throughout this book, Larson started to develop and he learnt how to trust and confide in others. Silas really brought the best out of Larson. He supported and protected Larson from any complications and always helped Larson through the tough times. Audrina was one character who I believed would be impossible to develop. Her difficult attitude in the last few books in the series, portrayed Audrina as an overprotective, slightly immature girl. But Megan Duke, in Infinite Limits, really conveyed Audrina developing. As readers, we could see every stage of Audrina's development and by the end of the novel she was a completely new character who was willing to let go of her past. 
The themes in this novel was quite strong and well written. Issues that could be seen in our daily life's was well portrayed through Duke's realistic characters. As a teenager, I could really understand and put my self into the character's 'shoes' as some of this issues have been aroused in my daily life. 
In addition, this novel was a beautiful end to one of the most realistic and phenomenal series I have read yet. Although the ending was bittersweet as we say goodbye to this phenomenal series, I can assure everyone that this series will always have a place in my heart and in yours.  From this novel I have learnt to understand, accept and not stereotype others, especially without knowing their background and where they are coming from. 
Thank you Megan Duke for allowing me to enter, explore and accept each character, their attributes and their flaws. I will never regret or forget reading this amazing series. I seriously recommend everyone to read this series, adults to teenagers, this novel will blow your mind away. 

- Erisha <4 

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