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Steeled for Murder by K.M. Rockwood

Title: Steeled for Murder
Author: K.M. Rockwood
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 
Online Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars



Summary from Goodreads:

On parole for a murder conviction, Jesse is the first suspect when Mitch, a forklift driver at work, is killed. Will Jesse be able to figure out what happened, or be sent back to prison?
After nearly twenty years in prison on a murder conviction, Jesse Damon has been released, a home detention monitor strapped to his ankle. Determined to make it and mindful of his parole restrictions, he struggles with life outside prison. He finds a basement apartment, a job on the overnight shift at a steel fabrication plant and a few people who treat him like anybody else. Especially Kelly, a woman who works in the shipping department. He seems to be making it. Until Mitch, forklift driver on the shift, is found murdered in the warehouse. Investigating detective doesn’t want to look any further than Jesse to close the case He’s not fussy about the methods he uses to gather evidence. If Jesse isn’t going down for this, he will have to be the one to figure out who killed Mitch and why.

My Opinion:

Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Self Discovery, Respect, Family. All of these different themes can be found in K.M. Rockwood's novel, 'Steeled for Murder'. Steeled for Murder was an intense, electrifying, mysterious read that is bound to keep readers interested till the very end. Steeled for Murder by K.M. Rockwood is definitely ranked as my favourite mystery novel. The tension and curiosity this novel evoked was commendable. Steeled for Murder has risen my expectations for any mystery novel I read. K.M. Rockwood a elegant writing skills have helped shape this novel into a fantastic read. K.M. Rockwood really knows how to capture the readers attention and emotions. 
The novel revolved around young adult, Jesse Damon. Jesse had been locked in prison from an early age accused for a crime he did not commit. After twenty years spent in prison, Jesse finally was allowed his freedom but in one condition- he had to be paroled. After restarting his life and attempting to 'get back on track', things seemed to be going smooth and good for Jesse until an unexpected murder at his work place. Immediately blamed for this murder due to his previous prison records, Jesse is determined to prove himself not guilty. Through many highs and lows, readers experience Jesse's thoughts, opinions and different personalities he portrays. 
The characters introduced in this novel were multi-dimensional, making them more realistic and relatable too. The main character, Jesse Damon, was my favourite male protagonist I have read about in a mystery novel. Jesse Damon was framed for a crime which he was unaware about. I adored his character and at times, I felt really bad for him. His shy, introvert personality didn't really help give him courage to stand up for his rights. I loved how Jesse valued his education- when he was locked up in jail, he would read novels and extended on his knowledge. The main female protagonist, Kelly, was another multi-dimensional character. Completely opposite from Jesse- she was an extrovert, who spoke her feelings and never excluded anyone. She accepted Jesse, knowing all the things he had been accused for, and she still loved him. I adored learning more about her life and finding out about her mysterious past. 
The setting in the novel was very vivid and descriptive helping readers to be comfortable in the current atmosphere set in the novel. 
Something which I personally wasn't a fan of was the ending chapters. I felt the end of the novel was very rushed and slightly confusing. I really wished the ending of the novel was spread out a little more. But other than that small factor in the novel, K.M. Rockwood has written a promising novel in a new series. I am eagerly waiting to read more novels in Jesse Damon's perspective.
Thank you K.M. Rockwood for giving me the opportunity to read and review your amazing, suspenseful novel. It was definitely an honour to receive your novel and I can not wait to read more books in this new mysterious series. 

- Erisha <4 

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