Friday, 31 October 2014

Covet by Terri Herman-Poncé

Title: Covet
Author: Terri Herman-Poncé 
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Online Ratings: 4.6 out of 5 stars



Summary from Goodreads: 

Everyone wants something.
Even if it belongs to someone else.
And some will destroy the very thing they want, just so no one else can have it.
Professional soldier David Bellotti's latest mission seems simple: steal the key card to a drug lord's compound so the empire can be infiltrated and destroyed. But when David discovers evidence of his lover Lottie’s possible infidelity, his mission turns personal. He searches for answers others would kill to keep buried and discovers a link to the past he's been trying hard to ignore.
Ancient lives, twelve thousand year old secrets, murder, and primal instincts lead David on a journey through past lives and present danger—all to save the woman he loves.

My Opinion (Spoilers from first novel): 

From what started off as business turned into a personal mission. The first novel follows a strong female named Lottie and Covet, the second novel, follows male protagonist and Lottie's lover, David, through his unexpected journey back to the past. Following David and Lottie's love story through this mysterious novel has been phenomenal. Covet, the second novel in the Past Life series, has lived up to the high expectations I set before reading this novel. This novel was definitely more action packed and mysterious than the first novel.
Poncé's unique and elegant style of writing definitely shone throughout this book. The chapters were written in three different perspectives, firstly, in David's point of view, secondly, in Lottie's point of view and thirdly, in third person. 
The small aspect which I wasn't a huge fan of was that the alternating chapters did not state whose point of view it was currently in. This led to a small amount of confusion and I really hope that the next novel states whose point of view the current chapter is following. 
Other than that, David's perspective in the novel had to be my favourite to read from. Following his opinions and thoughts on certain situations was definitely a treat. Also seeing his transformation and him reliving his past lives was quite interesting as he was quite oblivious to the fact he was reliving old times. David's reactions were 'spot on' and I could feel all his emotions and really relate to him.
Reading Lottie's 'point of view' chapters was quite amazing and refreshing as it helped relive the special bonding I created with her in the first novel, 'In This Life'. Lottie still had her strong, bold, independent personality and I felt that she also went through quite a bit of character development. 
Lottie and David's relationship definitely developed into a more mature, trust-worthy relationship. In this novel I felt the characters were more comfortable in their relationship. Although in the beginning there wasn't much trust in their relationship, by the end readers could see the an enormous difference from the beginning of the novel as David and Lottie were more honest with each other. Their relationship development was another aspect I really enjoyed reading about. 
This novel was very intriguing and had really great plot twists! With new characters introduced, this novel has many twists that never would have been expected! The novel had so many mysteries to be solved and so many answers to find that readers were always left with something to anticipate for. I adored how every event, situation and character intertwined to together. The interconnection was an intelligent idea and really made me appreciate this novel more. 'Covet' by Terri Herman-Poncé was a very mysterious novel that kept readers entertained and curious to the end. 
I definitely recommend this series to mystery readers and romance readers. This series is exceptionally good to read if you want to try reading in the Mystery genre for the first time. Thank you Terri Herman-Poncé for allowing me to read and review your excellently written novel- I am very grateful. 

- Erisha <4 


  1. Erisha, thank you SO VERY MUCH for your review! It was an honor to share my story with you and I'm thrilled you enjoyed it so much because I had the best time writing Covet! That said, look for the third book in the Past Life Series to come out in December or January! :)

    1. Your welcome! I am glad you liked my review :) I had a great time reading Covet and In This Life. I can't wait till the release of the third novel!