Friday, 4 July 2014

Tortuous Shadows by Jennifer Parr

Title: Tortuous Shadows
Author: Jennifer Parr
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Online Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars



Summary from Goodreads:

Eighteen-year-old Aria Morgan, along with her mother and Dviinu brother, Aaron, are virtually nonexistent members of Avalon Valley, a remote village cupped in the hands of paradise. Outcast since birth, Aria has resigned herself to the grim reality that, without finding love and bearing a child in the next few years, she will die - the unkind result of the Darkness' unrelenting grip on humanity.
But when a harrowing ordeal brings Aria's end hauntingly near, fate intervenes in the form of Liam Trey, handsome Avalon Valley newcomer. Liam is the kind of guy Aria can see herself having a future with, but her sordid family history follows her like shadows. If she bares her secrets, Liam could reject her, but what does she have to lose?
Despite her fears, Liam has fallen for Aria and so begins their relationship, fragile at best, troubled at worst, and tested to no end. Still, Aria's future has never been brighter...until Liam is shunned for his association with her, and a warning brings Aria face to face with a decision that will cost her everything she thought she'd never have.
Ringing with dystopian undertones, Tortuous Shadows delivers a rich, old-world feel to modern-day romantics of any age, as Aria is thrust into a journey that leads her down a path to love, redemption, and eternal purpose. Aria's journey continues in Better Shade, book two of the Avalon Valley trilogy - available soon.

My Opinion: 

Tortuous Shadows by Jennifer Parr is the first novel in a romance series. This novel was based around the romance of Aria and Liam, the main protagonists of the story. Aria's character was personally my favourite as she was quite strong and brave but also faced a lot of hardships. I adored how she overcame each adversity in her relationship with Liam as she always remained strong. Aria also proved to be a multi-dimensional character as, at times I felt she was quite dependent on others but I loved how realistic her character was, making her easier to relate too. Liam's character was one of the cutest male fictional character that I have read about.  Liam and Aria's relationship is not rushed at all but I felt in the beginning they moved into this relationship quite fast, making it less realistic as 'love at first sight' doesn't really happen in reality. But apart from that, I adored their relationship as they did not force each other into anything and Liam was quite mature in the entire relationship- never taking advantage of Aria. He respected her decisions, supported her and always kept hope in her even when there were community/ family complications. Parr's novel was left in a cliff hanger having me dying to read the next novel as soon as possible. The setting of the novel was conveyed in almost a dystopian style which I loved as I am a huge dystopian fan. Jennifer Parr definitely explained the setting of the novel thoroughly through her phenomenal writing style. A negative from this novel would have to be the main issue and complication. I felt the main issue wasn't 'stressed' enough to us, the readers, and the complication wasn't such a big issue. I really wished there was another storyline apart from romance as it would've definitely given this novel a more interesting plot to read about. Since this is a series, I am eagerly waiting for the next novel to be released as I really want answers to unsolved questions from this novel. I love how Jennifer Parr kept the suspense all throughout the novel and her writing style is quite elegant and descriptive which made me really enjoy this novel more. I definitely recommend this novel to teenagers who love reading romance and dystopian novels. This novel was a fun read and it has been a great experience entering Jennifer Parr's dystopian world. 

- Erisha <4 

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