Saturday, 3 May 2014

Three Sixty by Megan Duke

Title: Three Sixty: A Companion to Small Circles 
Author: Megan Duke
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Online Ratings: 4.9 out of 5 stars



Summary for Goodreads:

Three Sixty is a story about a group of friends. You may recognize two of them as the younger siblings of Larson Ashby and Jade Walbridge, but that does not mean you know them. Audrina, Paxton, and Larson meet Carter after he decides to spend the summer with his older sister Jade. Set during the summer before Audrina's freshman year of college, over the course of those four months, the friends come face to face with jealousy, regret, freedom, and the true meaning of love. As a companion to the novel Small Circles, Three Sixty promotes the notion that it's okay to be happy, even if you have to completely turn your life around, and start over, in order to achieve that. 

My Opinion:

Three Sixty by Megan Duke is a companion novel to Small Circles. Three Sixty was a fantastic book which grabbed the readers interest straight away. Megan Duke has written another fantastic novel which I can assure you, will touch the hearts of many. This book follows the story of Small Circles except through the "eyes" of Audrina and Carter. This book follows conflicts and complications which arise in our community, between teenagers, today. These easily relatable characters made the novel stand out among other books. Megan Duke has written a novel which allows her readers to experience situations which they might be going through and her characters are so realistic you sometimes feel they are one of your friends. I definitely recommend this novel to teenagers and even young adults and I also rate this book 5 stars out of 5. I can not wait to read the next novel in this series! 


Three Sixty by Megan Duke is no ordinary, mundane book. Three Sixty is a novel which deals with hard core issues and also relatable situations. Megan Duke writes so fluently that every paragraph written can be so emotional. I went into this novel with high expectations, especially after reading her first novel in this series, Small Circles, and I am happy to say that Duke's companion novel has lived up to my expectations. This novel begins with a quick overview of the last book which helped readers to know the story line better. I absolutely loved the introduction of Carter's character and also a deeper background knowledge on Audrina while reading this book. I felt Duke went into a lot of detail with the characters which made them easier to understand. I could easily connect to Audrina and feel what she was undergoing. Some might say Carter's character had no importance in this novel but I strongly disagree. Carter's role in this novel not only helped uncover hidden secrets but also helped discover the development of other characters. Audrina changed from an immature teenager into a sensible one by the end of this novel. She had guts to acknowledge her faults and also learnt how to fix them. This novel represented that people have flaws and no one is perfect. Getting to the middle of the novel, the readers learnt many new things. Such as Larson moving on with his life. Of course he would always have a hole in his heart after Owen's death but he learnt to overcome that adversity and try to move on with his life, which he did when he met Silas. This character development was huge and probably the best development I have ever read. The epilogue was quite phenomenal, written in a letter format, readers experience what Larson is feeling and that writing a letter would help him overcome that sadness and loss. Although it was upsetting, I still found the letter to be an important scene in the book as it showed a lot of character development. My favourite quote from this book would have to be: “I’m going to turn my life around. Make a complete three sixty.”
“Don’t you mean one eighty?” he corrected. “If you do that, you’ll end up right back “where you started.”
“Maybe. But at least I’ll have a chance of coming out of it a different person - a better version of me.” I really love this quote as it represents that sometimes to achieve happiness you must undergo some hardships. This book is a must read for teenagers and I assure you that Megan Duke will touch the hearts of many through this novel. 

- Erisha <4

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