Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Star Rating System

Hi Bookaholics,  

Sorry for not posting for awhile but I have been extremely busy. For today's post, instead of writing a review I have decided to show you how I rate books on Goodreads (How many stars a book receives out of 5 stars). Below is a criteria to follow when rating and reviewing books. If the book fulfils each category than the star amount (written in bold) should be received. 

STAR RATINGS (Out of 5):
Character- Good development? A detailed, descriptive introduction? 1 STAR
Setting-Thoroughly explained? 1/2 A STAR
Themes/ Issues- Expressed throughout the novel? 1 STAR 
Plot- Interesting & Engaging? 1/2 A STAR
Complication- Well thought out? 1/2 A STAR
Resolution- A build up from the complication? Relevant? 1 STAR
Author's Writing Technique- Good use of vocabulary? Unique? Attracts the audience? 1/2 A STAR 

- Erisha <4 

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